Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Weekend

Finally the weekend, although it's not an exciting one, considering I work. I am also insanely tired from a week of studying for midterms, one of which I feel did not go well =(
I've also decided I pretty much love the black bag from a few posts ago, I've tryed about 4 other Winners though and cannot find it anywhere! Hopefully one of the next couple I hit will have it, it has definitely been one of those things you wish you had bought on the spot and deeply regreted it later. I still cant decide on the boots, I just really wish they were black!

I've also been enjoying so many of the fashion shows, as Im sure you all have. I really loved the crazy accessories at Karl Lagerfelds show. Almost lace like? I really dont know what to call them, but I want them =)
Had to include the dress, its gorgeous!

Now we can all look as cool as Karl, seriously can someone just steal this and then mail it to me? ;)



Anonymous said...

i adore those lace type things. and karl is just genius!

Anonymous said...

I love that bag and Karl!

Rumi said...

Those lace pieces are seriously killer, what a way to make any look that much better.

Good luck with the bag hunt! I totally bought the E&J ring, you can just barely see it in my last post. I don't think I'm going to be taking it off for a while....