Tuesday, June 7, 2011


So even though last night was kind of terrible, Saturday night was an amazingly awesome time. This may be a fashion blog, but living in Canada, specifically Vancouver, I dont even know one person who doesnt watch hockey. So Saturday I went downtown to join the, at least 75,000 other Canuck fans to watch game 2. My friends and I watched from a restaurant and joined the party after our super fast overtime win, it's so much fun to be in a huge happy crowd, I must have had 100's of high fives and you feel like you leave with a thousand new friends! Cant wait for the next game because it has to be better than yesterdays! Go Canucks!

I finally took some pictures of some of my fave new jewelry pieces too, so I'll be sure to post those within the next couple of days!

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Claire M. said...

Wow lots of people!