Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Soo its only been a few weeks into school and I already feel really behind, I dont even know how that is, I just feel like I've been procrastinating everything lately, even though I haven't. Its weird. I also feel so insanely drained of energy and I blame it on this annoying weather we've been having, its been really warm yet wet, I hate muggyness, my hair also dislikes it. Has anyone ever seen that episode of Friends where they go to the bahamas or something and Monicas hair goes insane, I feel like Im a toned down version of that.

I haven't even gotten around to watching hardly any of the spring 2011 shows! Although I did catch Burberry and I must say Im in love! I didnt think it would be possible to top fall and the amazing jackets, but I thought the show was amazing, especially the jackets! Real posts coming soon, I promise!

Oh yeah and check out this tat I saw while cruising tattoologist, thats definitely some dedication? I dont know if thats the right word, what do you guys think?



gucci 2011 said...

I love the way you directly get to the point,inspired

Monika Dubska said...

sorry havnt visited in a while! My god that is so unique.... not sure what I think of it yet..

Hope to hear from you!

Juliet said...

I love that!

juliet xxx

Chloe said...

That tatoo is SO RAD! Love it...totally dedication, awe, inspiration, everything. love love love it.

chloe **flowerponychloe.blogspot.com

Lela said...

Shit...I never thought I'd want another tattoo until this very second haha.

Epic video! I am loving it.

Lela London

Sofia Leo said...

It's funny but I pretty much feel the same way you do! This really strange feeling as if you're behind on everything and living from weekend to weekend. I'm patiently waiting for things to fall back to normal :)

Very interesting blog by the way! Really enjoy your last posts! :)

Sofia Leo x

a-la-natalia said...