Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Iced Tea, Chains and Purple Princesses

Soo I decided technology hates me. Pretty much every electronic device I own has decided to test my patience lately, and let me tell you it doesnt take long before Im ready to throw the flimsy made items on the floor. My phone, camera, ipod and laptop have decided upon a full force combined attack lately *sigh*

Anyways, a couple of weeks ago I received this awesome hand chain from Leticia at LaDama! I've been wanting something like this forever, but haven't been able to find anything similar around Vancouver, it was a match made in cyberspace =) Big thanks again to Leticia!
I also bought this new nail polish, 'playfair' by opi, its kind of difficult to make out in the photo, taking self hand photos is a lot more awkward than I thought it would be. I was hoping for a light purple, but it turned out rather pearly and princessy, not my kinda thing. Oh well at least I got it at 50% off!


v [ hobovogue ] said...

very cute color. i LOVE your hand jewelry (is that what you call it??) ... i've been trying to find more every since my f21 find (i bought 5 of the same bracelet for fear they'd break... hahaha)


[v] hobovogue.blogspot.com

mary louise said...

i love it. and your other two rings are really cool too. the nail polish is a cool color. if you're looking for a light purple, i found some at delia*s for really cheap. i'm wearing it right now actually haha


MarissaoftheSea said...

yea i love your hand jewelry! It's all so well balanced. Hair cuts are definately a necessity which is why when I can't afford a hair cut, I do it myself. That is how important they are.

xoxo! Happy wednesday

Philli said...

Love this. So cute :)
50%off is always nice


A la Natalia said...

hand jewerly is lovely and kind of kinky!!) nails are nice too, i wish the camera would give more colour though.
;) love N

Fashion wild said...

Your blog is very interesting!!

Anonymous said...


Kora said...

I love that chain ring. Check out our knuckle ring made in Kenya... http://koradesigns.bigcartel.com/product/multi-toned-knuckle-ring