Thursday, February 18, 2010

Spring has Arrived?

I've been having such a good time enjoying the break, its soo nice to sleep in, and stay up late guilt free. Im such a night owl so its great to be able to sleep in until 1pm if I choose too =)

Im honestly loving the city right now I never realized how exciting the Olympics would be, I cant really even explain it, everyone is soo spirited and excited, the patriotism and happiness is truly inspiring. Not only that but the events going on are an absolute blast, never thought I would enjoy standing in the rain watching an outdoor concert so much. The weather has turned super amazing though, we're having like 16c days and total sunshine which is pretty amazing for Feb, it doesnt even feel like winter. So its probably obvious I already have my eyes on all things spring!

Before I go into all things spring, I thought Id show you my new ring!

New goal: Buy rings with coloured stones, and other jewellery besides rings!

Oh also, the rings from the previous post, the 1st one is from a mall stand called "Peruvian Silver" they dont have a website but their email is
The 2nd and 3rd were from a boutique called Crush, which also doesnt really have a website, but her email is

RIP Alexander McQueen, such a sad loss to the fashion world.


Juliet said...

That is gorgeous!

juliet xxx

caviardreams said...

that's truly fantastic, i love a bit of turquoise or dark red stones but silver rings with interesting details are my fave

racheltanski said...

rings are my absolute favorite... something that becomes petty awkward when people give ugly ones for holidays because they think i love all things gaudy.

Samantha James said...

Ughh I love you blog!! so there fore i am following you!

Walk The Sand said...

Awesome ring.
Awesome blog.

folktime said...


Masha said...

great blog)))

LOOKSandMOVES said...

Great blog!!!
Love the ring :D

f o l l o w
f o l l o w
me !

p O k

Tali. said...

this is beautiful...........!
love the studded one too:)

charlotte personal injury lawyer said...

One of my new goals too -- MORE JEWELRY! I haven't been big into accessories this past year, so I'm gonna try to spice it up a little more for 2010. Cute ring!

Anonymous said...


come visit me!

Clare said...

That ring is gorgeoussss, i want.



Anonymous said...

love it
a great little cuff
love your blog, keep it up!
thanks for sharing as always


Catherine said...

beautiful, love the shape

Erin said...

Amaazing ring...good buy! I have been reading through all your posts and thry're all really thoughtful and fashionable...adore your blog!

Love love love,




This ring is so perfect!
I am crazy about cocktail rings right now!

CHAMANDA said...

pretty! :)

fashion doll said...

love it
ur blog too
comment back

CC said...

Love it! :)

PS -
Don't forget to sign up for the monthly UGG boots giveaway! :)

Ashley said...

Awesome ring!!!!

Ilse said...


LoliTa said...

this ring is INSANE i love it- i have a slight obsession with rings too! and very chunky ones!

ellie jane-e valentine. said...

holy crap. that ring is killer.


Loudy said...

i lovee the ring