Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Winter Wonderland pt.2

A couple of photos from the lovelyy white Christmas we had, and we've gotten even moree snow since then, even cancelling my first day of school! =) I am definitely a fan of snow it makes everything so gorgeous, and Im still amazed at the amount we got, I cant ever remember having this much snow and having it stick around for so long. Most of my fellow west-coaster's have been hoping for our usual rain though, and they have gotten it indeed. We now have rain warnings, it poured all day today, turning all the lovely snow into slush and making a complete disaster of everything. Im not a fan of the slush, I attempted going outside today, what a silly, silly idea. I got soaked. Not fun, but I decided I needed some rainboots, as much as I dislike them, it has definitely become a necessity. I had no luck though, because Im not about to pay $60 for rainboots, which is about the only kind the mall had in stock.
*note- very happy with my new camera =) Ty Santa, Im still trying to figure it all out, but so far, so good =)


Casey said...

I'm so jealous! Those pictures are absolutely beautiful. Boo to California and our sun.

Karoline said...

Where do you live?

seralouise said...

ohhh it looks stunning,its snowing here today too ! /xo

it's Fashion Fever said...

great photos :)
I wish it snowed over in our area :(

Anonymous said...

another fabulous post!


Juliet said...

So beautiful!

juliet xxx

R said...

Casey: As much as I love it, I couldd possibly use a little of your sun right now =)

Karoline: I live in Canada, BC more specifically.

Thanks for the comments guys =)

Magdarling said...

woe;D soo much snow;))) love the pictures;D
thx for commenting my blog;D unfortunatelly most of the snow i had and captured in picctures yesterday disappeird and everything around looks awful so preety much like in Canada now;)

Bella said...

Seriously... these images are gorgeous!