Thursday, August 26, 2010

Birds, Birds, Birds

So I've banned myself from stores for a couple of days to gather my senses. The fall stuff is just too much for me, the boots, the jackets, the colors, the chunky knits, I want it all! I would say I've tryed to avoid online stores as well, but that would be a lie because it didnt last even a half day.

During that half day I ended up looking on the
Tattoologist, which became slightly addicting, its making me seriously want a tattoo, but for now I think im just too undecided when it comes to lifelong decisions like that. Im thinking someone needs to come up with a better temporary tattoo that lasts about a month or two, that would be really cool. Im thinking I would get a bird of some kind or a feather or something else whimsically.

Some of my faves, especially that last one!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I Need these!

Chunky knits, and lots of them!!


Sorry I've been so MIA, its just been insanely hot so I've been really lazy. I also went to Seattle for a couple of nights and got some pretty sweet deals that could never be had in Canada. And Im pretty sure Im actually addicted to Tims Ice Caps.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Since getting back into the internet groove I've been really looking into all things fall. I can't help it, this seasons fall stuff has me very excited! I decided to play around with polyvore a little more so I could make some collages.. Im still very much a work in progress, Im very slow at adapting to any new programs.

Anyhow I decided to make a little collage with one of my fave photos from an editorial I showed awhile back and stick it with some of the boots Im most excited about this season. I actually picked up the dark brown Tommy Hilfiger booties in navy blue last year at Ross for only 15.99, so excited to get wearing them this fall!

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