Saturday, February 27, 2010

Almost Over

Hello all, so my break had a little side track when I got incredibly sick at the beginning of last week. Yeah, sucked, Im still sad about it. So pretty much the later half of my break was spent with a stuffed up head and sore throat attempting to sleep most of the day. Not exactly the fun stuff I had planned. I will be looking forward to being able to taste food once again. I did get to enjoy everything before that though. This whole Olympic experience has been a blast, I will actually be really sad to see it and all the people go. I will also be sad to go back to school.

Had to share these photos I saw on Fashion Gone Rogue, I always love these types of shoots with fields of daisies and wheat with dreamy lighting.
Im seriously gonna have to run through a field of flowers/wheat one nice sunny day with a slight breeze, it will be awesome =)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Spring has Arrived?

I've been having such a good time enjoying the break, its soo nice to sleep in, and stay up late guilt free. Im such a night owl so its great to be able to sleep in until 1pm if I choose too =)

Im honestly loving the city right now I never realized how exciting the Olympics would be, I cant really even explain it, everyone is soo spirited and excited, the patriotism and happiness is truly inspiring. Not only that but the events going on are an absolute blast, never thought I would enjoy standing in the rain watching an outdoor concert so much. The weather has turned super amazing though, we're having like 16c days and total sunshine which is pretty amazing for Feb, it doesnt even feel like winter. So its probably obvious I already have my eyes on all things spring!

Before I go into all things spring, I thought Id show you my new ring!

New goal: Buy rings with coloured stones, and other jewellery besides rings!

Oh also, the rings from the previous post, the 1st one is from a mall stand called "Peruvian Silver" they dont have a website but their email is
The 2nd and 3rd were from a boutique called Crush, which also doesnt really have a website, but her email is

RIP Alexander McQueen, such a sad loss to the fashion world.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Its probably my own fault, but I've been so sleepless lately I kinda feel like Im in a whirlwind of a week. Luckily I only have to survive two more days and three more exams until my two week olympic break. Then I can get in some much needed rest and hopefully join in on some Olympic fun. Honestly, thats all I've been hearing about, it's kind of like Christmas just in Vancouver, once its over its going to be such a sadness to the city; you know when you were a kid on Christmas, after it was all over, it was just such a letdown that all that built up excitement is over. I honestly dont know what people will talk about.

Just a few quick snaps I took from last week.. more to come! =)

I bought another new ring too, this addiction could become seriously dangerous to my bank account.

Monday, February 1, 2010

New Additions to My Family..

My family of rings that is..

So Im feeling a little big high on caffeine right now, I guess I can thank my Timmys ice cap for that, its making me cold but Im snuggled at home wearing layers of fleece and other soft things to compensate so all is good =) Also rocking out to "Empire State of Mind" by Alicia keys and Jay-Z, I didnt even like this song at first but now the catchyness has gotten stuck in my head so I couldnt help but fall for it. Getting me in the spirit for NY fashion week perhaps?

So I said a long time ago that Id show you the latest additions to my ring collection, I swear my ring addiction grows stronger every day. I would love to design my own rings too, that would be beyond awesome. But anyways I got the first one for my bday way back in Decemeber, probably my favorite of the bunch, its beyond awesome except for the fact that the multi-dimensions of it pull loose knits, so I have to watch myself. But otherwise purrree love!

Still stud lovin'!!